Art Therapies

Art Therapies are way of living in which everyone, through  color,  music and all their aspects (emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual) develop the creative process for self-knowledge in search of well-being. The therapeutic use of art, evokes  human sensations and balances disharmony. Art therapy does not use artificial limbs for diagnostic or psychological purposes, but leads the human being to the primordial laws of nature, harmonizing the psychic sphere and -  in time - even the physical one, improving, restoring and maintaining health.

Who can enroll

Graduates of first and second level in arts, academies of fine arts, music conservatories, medical faculties, humanities, pedagogy and psychology, and students, music institutes, musicians and teachers / workers involved in the socio-educational paramedic sector (medical psychologists and therapists).

People who carried out the activities and passé the final exam thesis are awarded with a First Level Master Diploma.

Duration and organization

The Academic Master lasts about one year (60 credits). The diploma has legal value and is recognized by the Ministry of Universities and Research (law 506 ).

Training proposal

The Academic Master extends over one academic year in  theoretical and practical lessons, for a total of 60 credits, divided  in 4 modules: Psychological-medical, therapeutic, artistic and final Laboratories.

Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays on alternating weekends  9-13 / 14-18.


The Master provides an internship in March  in hospitals and day care centers. Dates and amount of hours per week are to be established with the host entity.

Registration and fees

The annual fee of the program is € 3.000. Registration for the First Academic Master level are ongoing.

The theoretical and practical classes will be held in the laboratories of LABA in the central office in via Don G. Vender, 66 in Brescia.


Master Coordinator: Jonny Lapio +39 335-7569913

Master Coordinator: Giusy Sfasciamuro +39 392-1146688

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