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Accademia di graphic design e multimedia

Universita di graphic design e multimedia


Who can enroll in the Academy

Students can enroll in the academy if they are in possession of a National school-leaving exam diploma issued at any type of school.

How to entoll

Italian procedure for diploma courses in first-level

It’s possible to enroll in the Free Academy of Fine Arts from 1 March to 30 September. At the moment of enrollment, the following documents must be presented:
+ copy of an identification document
+ copy of diploma or alternate certificate
+ 4 passport photos
+ tax code (codice fiscale)

Extra-UE procedure for first level diploma courses

Are you an EXTRA UE student who wishes to study at LABA Libera Accademia di Belle Arti of Brescia?
Here’s what we ask you: extra-ue-procedure.pdf and extra-ue-procedure-form-1.pdf
For more information please visit:

Academic fees

The academic fees, as established by the C.d.A. according to the school and specialization, range from a minimum of 3.140,00 euros to a maximum of 4.140,00 euros. LABA offers 50 scholarships at 250,00 euros each for students who enroll before 31 July.

Predetermined number of students

In order to guarantee quality and effectiveness in teaching, LABA organizes courses with a predetermined number of students for each school:

daytime three-year course of study
+ Visual Arts: n.15
+ Restoration: n.15
+ Decoration with a concentration in Interior Design: n.15
+ Scenography with a concentration in Elements of Architecture: n.15
+ Scenography with a concentration in Drama: n.15
+ Fashion Design: n.20
+ Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts: n.25
+ Design: n.25
+ Photography: n.20

evening three-year course of study
+ Visual Arts: n.10

daytime two-year course of study
+ Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts with a concentration in New Media and New Technology for Art: n.20
+ Decoration: n.15
+ Design with a concentration in Industrial Design and CAD Design: n.20
+ Design with a concentration in Innovation Design: n.20
+ Design with a concentration in Exhibition and Living Space Design: n.20
+ Photography: n.20
+ Scenography: n.15

The schools at the LABA Academy are therefore at a restricted predetermined number and without an entry test. At the start of the academic year, following enrollment, aptitude tests are required in order to determine the starting point of each student. The aptitude tests concern the following subjects: general culture, history of art, English, basic computer science and a specific test in relation to the chosen school (e.g. fashion, photographic technique, graphic communication and design, etc…).

Duration of the lessons

Lessons are held from the beginning of October until the end of May for annual courses (October-May) and semester courses (October-January/January-May). Daytime lessons are held from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, while evening courses are held from 5.30pm to 11pm. There are three exam sessions: summer (June), autumn (September/October), and a special session in winter (January/February).