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Arti visive Brescia

Scuola decorazione Brescia

School Arships

DSU - Right to University Study

Regional Announcement for the allotment of benefits as per competition and for the disbursement of services for the right to university study. The competition is announced in compliance with the dispositions established by the law issued by the Lombardy Region 13 December 2004, no. 33, in particular article 3, and by D.P.C.M. (Presidential Decree) 9 April 2001, executive from article 4 of law no. 390 on 2 December 1991. The competition for the allotment of scholarships is open to all students enrolled in: all universities which have their legal headquarters in Lombardy; AFAM Institutions (Higher Artistic and Musical Education); institutions of higher learning for Linguistic Mediators. These students must also be in possession of the necessary requirements of merit and hail from economic situations as specified in the competition. LABA students who apply for the D.S.U. allotment can ask the Registrar’s office for information. (

Congregation of Brescia

The Congrega della Carità Apostolica (Congregation of Apostolic Charity) makes contributions available for situations of economic hardship.
Just fill in the form ( available on the website of the Congregation of Brescia and send the required documentation to: Congrega della Carità Apostolica via Mazzini 5 _ Brescia 25121 - +39 030291561