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CEDISU (University of Brescia) provides some beds at its facilities to the students LABA. Anyone interested can apply through (deadline 17/09/2014) this link

Congregation of Brescia

New apartments for LABA students! For students coming from a distance, new beds are available in various kinds of apartments. Rent includes building expenses, ADSL Internet and cleaning of common spaces.
Congrega della Carità Apostolica via Mazzini 5 - Brescia 25121 +39 030291561

Please take note that Congrega has published the new Call for accomodations for a.a.2014/2015. Deadline for submission is set for the 15th of august 2014.
For more information and to apply please check the following

Non-hotel accommodation

Informative pages regarding non-hotel accommodation offers in our city can be found on-line ( , aimed at students and workers. The information has been provided directly from the managing authorities.

Accommodation on-line

Various on-line announcement boards are present on the web where you can find apartments or rooms for rent or to share. You can also insert an announcement with your own request: