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offsite laboratories

The LABA Academy has three external laboratories in the cities of Torbole soul Garda, Florence and Rimini. The labs of these three cities are used as logistic support for students who are residents in the provinces of Torbole soul Garda, Rimini and Florence and enrolled at the LABA in Brescia.

LABA Torbole sul Garda

INFO: +39 0464031000 / / - Parco Pavese - 38069 Torbole sul Garda

LABA Florence

The Free Academy of Fine Arts (LABA) wants to set up a place of important mediation between new artistic experiences and the sensibility of a city like Florence, which has emphasized and added value to its artistic heritage and built a strong cultural identity.
At the laboratory in Florence one can find the schools of Painting - Visual Art, Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts, Design, Photography and Design - Fashion.

INFO: +39 0556530786 / / - Piazza di Badia a Ripoli, 1/A - 50126 Firenze

LABA Rimini

The Free Academy of Fine Arts (LABA) has been present in Rimini since 2001. In addition to setting the institutional objectives which characterize academic studies, the LABA has set out to create professionalism which responds to the needs of the world of work, paying ever more attention to multimedia and technological development.
At the laboratory in Rimini one can find the schools of Graphic Design, Design, Photography and Fashion Design.

INFO: +39 054127449 / / - Via Roma n.64/B - 47900 Rimini