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  • Sakya Thubpa

  • 01/10/2010


    The association "SOLIDARIETA’ IN CAMMINO” ONLUS (Solidarity on the WAY)" non-profit organization, in cooperation with PA Nepal (Prisoner's Assistance Nepal) are pleased to
    invite you to present the movie Sakya Thubpa Friday 1 October 2010 at the Gallery Café in Lazimpat Kathamdu h 3.30pm ( phone 4428549)

    The film was created for the "WALK ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD 2009", a walking route from Kathmandu to Lhasa for about 1,000 km.
    The central theme that the film aims to highlight is the problematic relationship between inner rhythm and the increasingly frantic pace of everyday life.
    More generally, "Sakya Thubpa" wants to reflect on the progressive loss, caused primarily by the phenomenon of globalization, the deep and intimate relationship between the passing of the Human time and the passage of time of the Nature, biological time and natural time.
    The film, through a narrative rhythmically punctuated by moments of silence reproduces images captured during the trip, both in times of hectic urban confusion in the ancestral rituals in Tibetan monasteries.
    The Association "SOLIDARIETA’ IN CAMMINO” ONLUS was born in Brescia, Italy in 2008 to address concerns about children's rights.
    The association is currently working on two projects for a period of five years each: the first in collaboration with PA Nepal, support to children of prisoners, the second shall bear the cost of an English teacher in the remote village of Simigaon ( Charikot district), some of its members have worked together for years with CWIN of Kathmandu for the projects of adoption of children.
    The film is produced entirely by "SOLIDARIETA’ IN CAMMINO” ONLUS and funded entirely by donations, directed and edited by professors from the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS of Brescia Italy.

    Our mail address: