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Arti visive Brescia

Scuola decorazione Brescia

High artistic training


The Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, with the Departments of Visual Arts in Visual Arts, in Decoration with a concentration in Elements of Architecture and Urban Design; with the Departments of Design and Applied Arts in Restoration, in Scenography with a concentration in Drama, Scenography with a concentration in Elements of Multimedia, in Design with a concentration in Fashion, in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts, in Design, in Photography and in New Technologies of Art; the two-year advanced degree programs of Visual Arts and in Show Business in Visual Arts, in Scenography, in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts, in Industrial and Research Design, in Interior and Urban Design, in Cinema and Audiovisual, is qualified as an Institute of Higher Artistic Education, able to merge the solidity of tradition with the innovative force of the most advanced artistic pursuits.


Creativity Quality Professionalism

Art is instrumental, above all today, in our quality of life, in our vocations and in the management of our free time. New professions and marketing require constant attention to aesthetic factors and a particular competence in the application of new technologies. The Free Academy offers students a preparation that is specific yet versatile, through the stimulation and enhancement of creativity as an important expressive element and as a means of affirmation in the world of work.


Certainty in art means

+ Quality in teaching: specific expertise and high professionalism in the faculty;
+ Close collaboration between students and professors;
+ Direct contact with the art world (galleries, museums);
+ Encounters with the leading cultural figures of our time (artists, designers, philosophers,    architects, directors, actors);
+ Internships and collaborations with real world productivity – businesses and companies – in    the area;
+ Openness to the outside world (Erasmus project, trips, artistic experiences with students    from other European academies and universities);
+ Creative exhibition experiences for the students in public and private spaces;
+ An academy-gallery, venue for important exhibition events;
+ Agreements and collaborations with organizations and institutions;
+ State-of-the-art facilities (control room, multi-screen computer lab, large practical    workshops, video projection room, dark room, theater, etc.);
+ A pleasant and dynamic environment